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Saturday, October 10, 2009

real unique shawls update!

Hello ladies, finally, i had my shawls with me and ready for you girls to grab them. Very am sorry for the delay!~

Phew well, as i promised, i ONLY ONLY provide custom made shawls NOT ready made shawls okay so the price would be higher compared to JLN TAR collection of ready made shawls obviously. ALL of them, so you won't be ashamed as being caught in campus wearing the same colors and designs alike someone because here are rare shawls. In brief, with these shawls u wont be cloned lah. :) HOWEVER, i only have 2 pieces of each design of the shawls. So, whoever email me the fastest and made the fastest payment would be the lucky one.

Anyway, as for the 1st theme for this prestigious 1st batch, i present the TENNIS PRINCESS! :P
not to mention, they are my fave tennis players, hope yours too. :DD


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