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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Superb Paramecium

from left Superb Para 1 and Superb Para 2 (exrta design)

closer view of Superb Para 1

closer view of Superb Para 2 (extra incredibly lovely design!)

due to the very soft material, there are some slight sloppy-jahit-tepi but it wont be seen when you wear it ;)

item code : Superb Paramecium 1 & 2 (PERSONAL FAVE)
*chiffon, easy to style, the color is more to semi blue-ish and semi dark green, for sho' lovely and lovely!
length : 1.65m
price : rm 30 for both extra design and normal one.
(postage included)

Superb Paramecium 1 (3 available)
diyana - paid
esha - reserved

Superb Paramecium 2 (1 available)
putri -paid
fully booked at the moment

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