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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Batch UPDATED for paisley special !!~

The very special design of paisley shawls are finally updated and ready to be YOURS! ;) yet,
For this update there are some little things i might need to straighten up. Here there are;

Posting hours;
As i'm on holiday and away from campus, i really wanted a leave from traveling as for that, any shawls order will be post starting from MARCH 14, 2010.

YET, any early orders are welcomed. ;)

Quick Oders;
Regarding emailing service, for quicker deal on ridiculously splendid shawls, do text me thru 0192194425 together with your complete details!

Special low price for purchasing more than 1 shawl is always given. Did i mention all shawls here are worth buy?


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