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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Notice & Join this!

Ladies, hope you're doing fine!
Good news here;
Next batch will be updated on November, Insy'Allah.
As for that, I'd love to have a lilttle of statistic here regarding on ;
Feel free to answer the only 1 question hope it does not take you much time to figure out, LOL, at the chat box, thanks!

How do you prefer your shawl design would be?

A : Please be bright & sparkling enough so I'll be noticed when I walk down the college hall.
B : Less design less color well, more to dull and less sophisticated so it suits most of my outfits.
C : As the design catch my eyes and mind, rather reserved it for me , don't care about the color anymore!
D : Depends, on price, on color, on design, on occasions. I'm such a choosy.

Much Thanks!

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