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Sunday, February 20, 2011


normal design and half beads of the shawl.

extra design and full beads of the shawl.

unlucky piece, slight defect. selling for rm28 inclusive postage.
it won't be seen once when you wrap on your head, it will look just as gorgeous as the perfect one.

More photos;
some of the crazy red-head wraps. hehe.

*high quality chiffon, fine material of very light weight.
available in different beads arrangement and designs.

item code : Marianne
length : 1.7m x 0.6m
price :
golden beads for half of the shawl ; rm30 inclusive postage (3 available)
full golden beads and extra design; rm35 inclusive postage (only 2 available)
defected piece ; rm28 inclusive postage (1 available)

1. reserved for faliq(extra)
2. sold to nurul hidayah (half beads)
3. reserved for naqi (half beads) - paid
4. sold to farihah (half beads)
5. sold to sya (defect)
6. reserved for nadzirah (extra) - paid


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